Hard core beginner class! #BJJ #Tokyo #JiuJitsu

I’m injured again. Not so bad to be out of action for a couple of weeks, but bad enough to avoid sparring for a week or so until my neck calms down. I can move my neck pretty freely – except if I want to look down! The more I try to look down, the more a pins-and-needles sensation begins in my right hand’s fingers – less than ideal! However, today is better than yesterday, and I’m hoping that the same will be the case tomorrow. I put 100% of the blame on this latest injury not on Jiu Jitsu’s doorstep, but rather on work – spending 9 hours strapped to a desk pounding away on a keyboard cannot be good for your back and neck – particularly if you have a terrible posture as I do – perhaps that’s something I should look into.

Full speed ahead!

Full speed ahead!

So I decided to give the regular class a miss and instead show my face at the beginner class, today from 11:30 – I thought I could at least have a look at some technique then watch the sparring portion of class. The beginner class is about an hour long and is broken up as such: – 10 minutes warm up, 40 minutes drilling technique, then the remaining 10 minutes is spent sparring 3 minute rounds. This is the perfect class for anyone who is injured, just not injured so much as to prevent them from attending. I could do a little bit of stretching, then go over various Spider Guard situations ( 4 situations today, drilled in 4 minute intervals at a slower pace by Shimyo sensei) before finishing up – not a lot of sweat, but rather a good chance to stay in the game whilst giving my neck a rest.



2 Responses to Hard core beginner class! #BJJ #Tokyo #JiuJitsu

  1. Jack says:

    Dan, welcome to the club. Ryosei had a neck injury and he’s not fully recovered. I’ve been attending beginner class last week after a knee injury myself. So painful I haven’t been able to walk. It’s getting better now and I’ll take the regular class next week. There must be something wrong with us !

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