Beginner class – fixing bad habits #BJJ #Jiujitsu

Saturday morning and the last of my three days off from work – I’m almost ready to say thank god! Not being able to train means that days off are long and tedius and  sometimes I’d just rather be working. Case in point, I’ve worked it so my November days off from work are stacked 65% towards the second half of the month – I don’t mind working a lot in the first half if it means I can train properly later on. Throughout this month I havent been able to train because of some sort of neck muscle injury (was over the moon to find out it wasent a herniated disc again!) which made it painful to walk stairs or pick something up from the floor – it didnt recover as quick as I’d like but from yesterday at least I could start to practice fundamentals in the beginner class.

Hayakawa sensei teaching some side control fundamentals

Hayakawa sensei teaching some side control fundamentals

Damn if over the years I haven’t picked up a lot of bad habits! Ito sensei picked me up on leaving too much space whilst in side control and today Hayakawa sensei pointed out that I’ve been positioning myself in (another) side control position incorrectly – only for something like 5 years! This is telling me that Beginner class is something I should be taking part in injury free or not….. I’m just not sure I want to do a beginner class right after the regular one. We’ll see how it goes…..


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