Bye Bye Sun san! #BJJ #Triforce #Jiujitsu

November 26, 2012



Sun san’s off again. After a month or two at Triforce Tokyo, where he medaled in a competition, picked up his brown belt from Hayakawa sensei and got involved in some heavy duty training  he’s today heading back to Korea to open his own dojo somewhere south of Seoul. It’s nice to think that there’s another place a short plane ride away which will allow me to not only to have a holiday but to also do a bit of training – with that, wishing you all the success in the world mate! 


Congrats & Welcome! #BJJ #Japan #JiuJitsu

November 14, 2012

Regular class was a bit of a relaxed affair last night – the usual crowd was absent with a select group of  about 6 or 7 guys training. Hayakawa sensei took class and focused on throws and trips- some guys getting the throw / trip -into-submission combination down a lot quicker than others! The combination was an effective one and we were all shown how to implement it effectively in sparring / competition through feints and footwork – it will take a lot more practice before I make it a solid part of my game though….

Hayakawa sensei demonstrating a throw

Jack also trained for the first time after being promoted to purple belt – congratulations! We also welcomed Yuichi (I hope I caught his name right!) to Triforce from the USA – he is in town for a month to train before heading back home – please say hi to him if you have the chance!

Congrats and welcome!