Congrats & Welcome! #BJJ #Japan #JiuJitsu

Regular class was a bit of a relaxed affair last night – the usual crowd was absent with a select group of  about 6 or 7 guys training. Hayakawa sensei took class and focused on throws and trips- some guys getting the throw / trip -into-submission combination down a lot quicker than others! The combination was an effective one and we were all shown how to implement it effectively in sparring / competition through feints and footwork – it will take a lot more practice before I make it a solid part of my game though….

Hayakawa sensei demonstrating a throw

Jack also trained for the first time after being promoted to purple belt – congratulations! We also welcomed Yuichi (I hope I caught his name right!) to Triforce from the USA – he is in town for a month to train before heading back home – please say hi to him if you have the chance!

Congrats and welcome!


3 Responses to Congrats & Welcome! #BJJ #Japan #JiuJitsu

  1. Jack says:

    Hi Dan. Thanks for the post. Remember to leave the flash disk in the “wasuremono” box. Cheers.

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