Originality…. #BJJ

December 20, 2012
Team star jumps

Team star jumps

The warm up. With the best will in the world, it can at times be a bit tedious. In the search for BJJ perfection, diligent repetition over the years is key to nailing the perfect arm bar or what have you. With the warm up in mind however, Itoigawa sensei always looks to mix it up to keep the guys on their toes during the 10am regular class…. It seems that he prefers to do his warming up as part of a team. Whether it’s team star jumps, squats with a partner clung to your back or dragging someone across the mat, these preferred methods all have one thing in common – you can’t complete them at your own pace; meaning your pushed to do more – perfect for the slacker!


Gi problems…. #BJJ

December 8, 2012
Takayama san wearing a rental gi....

Takayama san wearing a rental gi….

It happens more often than you think. Training for a small part of the day, maybe 2 hours or so, then having to cart the gi around with you to work, or wherever…. There was a guy who used to train with us a few years ago who worked near Tokyo station. At least once every couple of months or so he would finish up training, get on the train, throw his gi on the rack only to get off at his station, leaving his gi on the train. Once realizing he’d lost his kit somewhere he’d start the great debate with himself, trying to figure out where he left it…..

Which is what kinda happened to Takayama san on Friday…. the guys having to brainstorm just where he might of left his gi top… The train and a few bars were discussed as possibilities before doing some serious investigation, which culminated in the checking of the lost property box (nope) and the dirty gi pile (nope)….  

I’m hoping Takayama san is able to find his kit soon – I’m putting my money on it being in the washing machine!