#UFC Japan

January 17, 2013
5 tickets for the cheap section

5 tickets for the cheap seats

I’m chuffed that the UFC is coming back to Japan. The card last year in the Saitama Super Arena was great and even though we could have done a better job of organizing tickets to go up and watch the event as a team (we ended up sitting nowhere near each other,) quite a few of the Triforce boys bought tickets, with us all meeting up afterwards for a few drinks – the fights were pretty good too!

The Triforce boys having a few beers after the show

The Triforce boys having a few beers after the show

Big thanks to Mike for working overtime to get 10 tickets. With the interest being what it is, we needed to apply through the lottery system in order to see if we could get first dibs on the ticket sales – after a few anxious days Mike got the call telling us that we were good to go – result! Now it’s over to the fighters – here’s hoping the UFC injury bug doesn’t strike….


Triforce 2013 #BJJ

January 8, 2013

December’s always a tough month for training in Japan. New Year’s parties, lots of overtime at other taxes on time meant that I could only train 12 times – I’ll definitely be aiming to beat that in January! Triforce got back to normal more or less on the 4th January. Japan-side, usually the 4th is the first day back from the holidays, where businesses open and things get back to normal. I made sure I was on the mat bright and early for the restart!

Big numbers for the restart!

Big numbers for the restart!

It was tough going. December’s parties, general overindulgence and laziness was always going to mean that the first day back was going to be a struggle! Urgent goal #1 – drop 2KGs!