Congratulations, Takayama san! #BJJ

February 18, 2013
Takayama san picking up his gold

Takayama san picking up his gold

The BJJ Beginners Open was held this Saturday, all the way over at the distant town of Ageo, somewhere in Saitama. Triforce members met up on a very cold morning in Ikebukuro and caught the train, then taxi up to the venue.

Ageo Martial Arts Hall

Ageo Martial Arts Hall

Despite being faaaaar away, the Ageo Martial Arts hall is the business. The Mat quality is top, the space is great, and as you would expect it’s super clean and tidy. We did continue to struggle with the cold though, with some of the guys starting to warm up very quickly in order to take the edge off!

A number of the Triforce guys managed to have successful fights and medal. From Ikebukuro, Takayama and Sakamoto san had excellent performances, not to mention some of the guys from Triforce Aoyama – congratulations to all!




Tune up #BJJ

February 8, 2013

I arrived at Triforce a little early this morning to find Ookubo San and Hayakawa sensei working through some pretty technical back grab techniques. I think Ookubo San’s taking some private classes on top of his regular training in order to tune up for the Master and Senior BJJ competition on 17th March – with all the work he’s putting in he should be a sound bet for a medal!

We also welcomed Stefan to TF, all the way from Germany by way of Shanghai where he’s currently working – Stefan’s only in town for a week, but is aiming to train daily – should see him on the mat tomorrow then!


Shinjuku TF #BJJ

February 2, 2013
Saturday @ Shinjuku TF - big numbers

Saturday @ Shinjuku TF – big numbers

With the end of the silly season things have settled down (socially speaking) which means I’ve been able to train pretty regularly recently. We had a good class yesterday at Ikebukuro followed by a hard sparring session today at Shinjuku Tri Force – It seemed as if most of the lads had little to do this Saturday with a lot of them attending the regular class, then staying on the matt to work through the beginner class as well – Jiu Jitsu is nothing but value for money!