TF #BJJ English blog update: 3/18/13

The All Japan Master & Senior BJJ competition was held yesterday (Sunday) at the Komazawa Daigaku Olympic Stadium, near Shibuya, Japan – The JBJJF uses a lot of different venues throughout the year, but I think the Olympic Stadium is the best place for both fighters and spectators – nice seating high up and lots of space for five or six mats. Unfortunately from next month or so the local authority will renovate the Olympic Stadium, meaning it will be out of commission for a year or so – I wonder which place will be used instead….?

Komazawa Daigaku Olympic Stadium

Komazawa Daigaku Olympic Stadium

Congrats to all the guys who competed and who picked up medals! A good number of the Triforce fraternity medalled and amongst other matches, the final of the Purple Belt Master category was contested by two Triforce fighters, Masashi and Shirtatsuki san, both from Triforce Ikebukuro – congrats to Masashi for picking up the win by arm bar!

Masashi (centre) picking up the team award

Masashi (centre) picking up the team award

Today it was back to the grind for morning Jiu Jitsu – I was very surprised to see a lot of guys turned up, particularly after the celebratory beers the night before! Itoigakwa sensei decided to take us through some Spider Guard work as Koiwa san had some trouble passing his opponents guard in his fight yesterday.

Itoigawa sensei’s technique is pretty effective – instead of trying to wrap your hand back around to the inside of the guys leg (breaking his grip; “it works great in the textbook…but!”) taking a step  back, crouching and then knocking his foot out of your inner elbow with your knee, then grabbing his ankle before simply stepping around to side control works a treat – definitely one to remember!

Tough training the morning after....

Tough training the morning after….


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