Triforce English blog update 4/24/13 #BJJ #Yoga #Pilates

April 24, 2013

This month saw the start of both Yoga and Pilates classes at Triforce. Since flexibility (or a severe lack of) is something I have a bit of a problem with I thought I’d attend the Wednesday 9am class, which runs for an hour before leading into the Regular BJJ class at 10:30.

This morning's Yoga class

This morning’s Yoga class

It was my first experience to do Yoga, but I definitely  feel there’s something in it. Yasuyama sensei took it easy on us and only had us hold the poses for a few seconds each time before moving the class along to the next action. Some of the stretches were all but impossible for me but if ultimately I can get comfortable with them then the added strength and flexibility should only help my BJJ game. I’m looking forward to seeing some positive results! 🙂



Triforce English blog update: 4/13/13 #BJJ

April 13, 2013

With the competition tomorrow I thought I’d take it easy today and attend the beginner class headed up by Hayakawa sensei. This class begins at noon on Saturdays – I thought it would be pretty busy, but it turned out that only 5 people attended, due in part to the popularity of Kim san’s no-gi class which runs from 13:30. I might end up giving no-gi a go sometime in the future – but for now I’m all about the gi!

Hayakawa sesei demonstrating some spider guard sweeps

Hayakawa sesei demonstrating some spider guard sweeps

I think I’m going to attend a few beginner classes per month from now on. Form and execution are paramount and I was picked up a few times on this when going through the spider guard sweep drill. We studied three variations, and after having the finer points explained to me (after seven years how many times must this be now?!), it seems I’ve been powering through these with more with my hips from the bottom, rather than fully stretching my leg out to the max,  in turn more easily executing the sweep – hopefully I won’t make these  mistakes again!