Triforce English blog update: 5/16/13 #BJJ #Tokyo #Jiujitsu

May 18, 2013

The Golden Week has thrown my whole month out of whack. So far this month I’ve trained 7 times with today (as I write) being the 18th, meaning a session once every two and a bit days – At best I want to be at 10 log ins by the 20th, meaning I’m a bit off pace – granted, a three day bender from the 14th to Kyushu hasn’t helped matters, but now that I’m back I’m going to try and get to that magical 16 log ins by the end of the month!

I could skip out of work a little early yesterday, so I headed up to Triforce for the beginner class at 9pm. This class was headed up by Shibamoto sensei as Triforce Shinjuku was closed, freeing him up to come over to Ikebukuro. As the name suggests, the class is all about fundamentals, which is something I need take a look at from time to time ūüôā

Shibamoto sensei demonstrating the Pick Sweep

Shibamoto sensei demonstrating the Pick Sweep

Shibamoto sensei’s teaching is good – really ¬†good. He explains things slowly and deliberately, elaborating on the finer points of the technique multiple times. Case in point, he went deep with the fact that when working through the sweep combinations he had taught the class¬†when sparring or whatever, you should never ¬†lose control of your opponents’ sleeve, whether you are holding onto the near side ankle with your left hand for the pick sweep or switching hands and reaching with the right hand for the inverted scissors sweep – he demonstrated how he transitions through the combinations, asking the class to focus on his the way he worked his sleeve control – fundamentals 101!


Triforce English blog update: 5/3/13

May 3, 2013

Golden week is here again! It’s one of the few times of the year where Japanese people down tools and take a collective sigh of relief as they clock out of work for five days or so. Miyamoto sensei decided that even though the academy would be closed for regular classes that he would open the mat up for free-sparring.

Hoshikawa san trying to negotiate Murasawa san's half guard

Hoshikawa san trying to negotiate Murasawa san’s half guard

23 guys turned up to spar Рmuch more than a regular class on any given week day. I was  pleasantly surprised because when I turned up at 11:50 there were only four guys warming up! The usual plan during Golden Week, as explained to me is that people working in Tokyo make a point to get back to their home towns to visit friends and family and to take the chance to wind down Рnot these guys though, training  taking priority!

Shinsaka san waiting his turn...

Shinsaka san waiting his turn…