Triforce English Blog update #BJJ

We had a full house today at Triforce! Wednesdays are more or less
the busiest of the weekday morning classes and despite the heavy
rain which is still falling now, big numbers turned up.

Today’s class was led by Itoigawa sensei, but Hayakawa sensei
joined in in order to teach the technique portion of the class. Today
we worked on defending the Kimura lock and guillotine choke from the
full guard. Once the guys had a few rounds of working through this
pattern we moved to defending the Omoplata / triangle combinations.

I was particularly interested in getting the defense of the guillotine
choke right – it seemed to me that the key is to reach over your
opponents shoulder, grab some of his gi from between his shoulder
blades. From there it’s a case of posturing up and as close as possible
pushing your shoulder into the throat of the guy working the guillotine.
The defense definitely worked – if you can manage to reach over and
grab his gi before he sits back and cranks it on!

We also welcomed Josh to Triforce today. Josh is traveling through
Asia before returning back to London. He’ll be here for two or three
more days before flying out – look out for him and say hi!


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