Triforce English blog update: 8/31/13 #BJJ #Jiujitsu #Tokyo #Japan

August 31, 2013
Mitch & Miyamoto sensei

Mitch & Miyamoto sensei

We said goodbye to Scott on Wednesday and welcomed Mitch to Triforce yesterday – we’re seeing quite a number of visitors to the academy recently! Mitch will train with us for a month (maybe longer) and plans to be in Japan for a year before returning home to the US. Good luck with beginning your job training on Monday and see you at the academy soon Mitch 🙂




Triforce English blog update: 8/23/13 #BJJ #Jiujitsu #Tokyo #Japan

August 23, 2013
Masahiko Kimura drops by

Masahiko Kimura drops by

There’s no denying it – Kenta san is looking more and more like Kimura Masahiko by the day! All he needs to do now is to begin working on his Ude Garamis and his Kimura locks to make the transformation complete!

Triforce English blog 8/16/13 #BJJ #Tokyo

August 16, 2013

It’s the Obon season now, meaning that a lot of guys have holidays – what better way to spend your free time than at the academy?! Something like 30 guys turned up on Wednesday to train, and we had something like 17 people today (Friday) turning up to practice.

Today’s class was headed up by Shimyo sensei, who was recently awarded his black belt by Hayakawa sensei – there’s talk of him making his black belt debut at a competition in the next couple of months – once the summer is out of the way!

Today’s technique focused on chokes from the top position. Shimyo sensei’s
instruction was really technical, focusing on rotating the wrists once you have grabbed the collar and also twisting your body to generate more choking power to get the tap.


Triforce English blog: 8/12/13 #BJJ #Jiujitsu #Tokyo #Japan

August 12, 2013
Miyanishi san sporting the new blue Triforce Alma Gi

Miyanishi san sporting the new blue Triforce Alma Gi

The 2013 Triforce Alma gi is now in! The company behind the design of the gi is Osaka’s Alma. The common consensus from the guys that have bought one is that they’ve really done a good job – the cut and fit are great and both the jacket and pants are really durable and lightweight. I think up to now the blue one has proved to be the most popular, although for me the white one looks the coolest. Please see the staff at Triforce if you’re interested in picking one up!

TF English blog update: 8/5/13 #BJJ #Tokyo #Jiujitsu

August 5, 2013

With Triforce Ikebukuro closed for a summer break (a break being 4 days only) some of the Ikebukuro boys went down to Shinjuku to attend class. The Shinjuku studio is a great space;  it has a long mat, which is great for drilling technique and sparring without bumping into other guys.

Lots of mat space at Shinjuku TF

Lots of mat space at Shinjuku TF

Today’s class was all about half guard sweeps, some pretty novel ones at that. Shibamoto sensei showed us a sweep where from a shallow half guard he moved his left hand to control his opponent’s left wrist, then with his right hand he pushed his opponent’s knee away, breaking his balance. From there he elevated his opponent onto both of his knees before sweeping him over his shoulders, himself flipping over and finishing in his opponent’s half guard – as I was practicing it I thought it could fit well into my game – but god if it isn’t really painful on your neck if you mess the roll up!


Shibamoto sensei looking like he's going to hit another half guard sweep

Sawada & Sakamoto sans