Asian Open 2013 – open mat 24th / 25th

October 21, 2013

Due to the Asian Open BJJ tournament which will be held on the 26th (Sat) and 27th(Sun) of October there will be a revised open mat schedule for the 24th(Thurs) and 25th (Fri)
visitors and people from overseas are welcome to come and join for a fee of Y500. We look forward to welcoming new friends to Tokyo and Triforce!


Triforce #BJJ English blog update 10/04/13

October 4, 2013


We welcomed Luke back to Triforce today! He’s in town for the next three weeks but unfortunately will miss the Asian Open – still, 3 weeks solid training without having to bother about work sounds pretty good!

Luke said he’s determined to see more of Tokyo this time around – please let him know of any fun things to do over the next three weeks. I myself recommend the Sword museum in Mejiro 🙂