Triforce English Blog Update: 1/3/14 #BJJ

January 3, 2014

Happy New Year! After a few days downtime Triforce Ikebukuro reopened today for an open mat session.  As Shinjuku and Gotanda Triforces are still closed for one more day the numbers were pretty large – something close to 30 guys looked to share mat space for the 90 minutes – I felt very lucky to get 9 rolls or so in 🙂

6 Rolls at any one time - busy!

6 Rolls at any one time – busy!

Some guys seemed happier to spend a little more time chilling out and catching – the Triforce Morning Class’ end of year beer session might have had something to do with the slightly less than “up and at em” approach to training today….

Nomura & Takeda sans catching up

Nomura & Takeda sans catching up

Good luck with all your BJJ goals in 2014 – I hope your hard work and dedication pays off this year!

How many trained? This many...

How many trained? This many…