TF #BJJ English blog update: 3/18/13

March 18, 2013

The All Japan Master & Senior BJJ competition was held yesterday (Sunday) at the Komazawa Daigaku Olympic Stadium, near Shibuya, Japan – The JBJJF uses a lot of different venues throughout the year, but I think the Olympic Stadium is the best place for both fighters and spectators – nice seating high up and lots of space for five or six mats. Unfortunately from next month or so the local authority will renovate the Olympic Stadium, meaning it will be out of commission for a year or so – I wonder which place will be used instead….?

Komazawa Daigaku Olympic Stadium

Komazawa Daigaku Olympic Stadium

Congrats to all the guys who competed and who picked up medals! A good number of the Triforce fraternity medalled and amongst other matches, the final of the Purple Belt Master category was contested by two Triforce fighters, Masashi and Shirtatsuki san, both from Triforce Ikebukuro – congrats to Masashi for picking up the win by arm bar!

Masashi (centre) picking up the team award

Masashi (centre) picking up the team award

Today it was back to the grind for morning Jiu Jitsu – I was very surprised to see a lot of guys turned up, particularly after the celebratory beers the night before! Itoigakwa sensei decided to take us through some Spider Guard work as Koiwa san had some trouble passing his opponents guard in his fight yesterday.

Itoigawa sensei’s technique is pretty effective – instead of trying to wrap your hand back around to the inside of the guys leg (breaking his grip; “it works great in the textbook…but!”) taking a step  back, crouching and then knocking his foot out of your inner elbow with your knee, then grabbing his ankle before simply stepping around to side control works a treat – definitely one to remember!

Tough training the morning after....

Tough training the morning after….


Congratulations, Takayama san! #BJJ

February 18, 2013
Takayama san picking up his gold

Takayama san picking up his gold

The BJJ Beginners Open was held this Saturday, all the way over at the distant town of Ageo, somewhere in Saitama. Triforce members met up on a very cold morning in Ikebukuro and caught the train, then taxi up to the venue.

Ageo Martial Arts Hall

Ageo Martial Arts Hall

Despite being faaaaar away, the Ageo Martial Arts hall is the business. The Mat quality is top, the space is great, and as you would expect it’s super clean and tidy. We did continue to struggle with the cold though, with some of the guys starting to warm up very quickly in order to take the edge off!

A number of the Triforce guys managed to have successful fights and medal. From Ikebukuro, Takayama and Sakamoto san had excellent performances, not to mention some of the guys from Triforce Aoyama – congratulations to all!



Drink of the moment #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Jiujitsu #Nutrition

May 31, 2012

Ryosei turned me onto coconut water a few months ago, and I’ve been hitting two cans of the pulpy stuff after each training session – it’s not as bad tasting as I thought it would be. I’m not sure if the science is in yet, but with a decent dose of carbohydrate and vitamin C in each can I guess it can go someway to fueling my body after training – plus, it’s got to be better than sugar heavy pocari sweat 🙂

Coconut water - Thailand's finest!

Coconut water – Thailand’s finest!

The problem is finding a decent supply! There is a Yamaya supermarket a block away from the Academy which sells a can for 128 yen or so – not bad indeed – when they have it! I’ve hunted around some of the other big supermarkets in Ikebukuro, however the best they can come up with is coconut milk – a different kettle of fish altogether- I might have to start looking further afield or even better arrange to get a steady supply of the stuff delivered – the question is though, is it really worth it?!


Kantou and Master / Senior #BJJ tournament #Tokyo #Triforce .fb

March 25, 2012

Otsukaresamadeshita! Congratulations to all the fighters who participated in both competitions which were held yesterday, the (bigger) all Japan Master and Senior, and also the Kantou Open BJJ tourney. There was a big turn out from all Triforce clubs and a good number of us managed to medal (or at least pick up a certificate)!

Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium was chosen as the venue-in my opinion it is one of the best places to have a BJJ tourney – pretty easy to get to, good seating for the spectators and big enough to have six mats on the go at the same time, along with ample warming up space – was still a little cold though! Ryosei did raise the question of just why the windows on the far side had been blacked out -(bit of a shame as it was a nice day) the sun could have warmed the place up!

Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium (?)

Triforce Ikebukuro’s morning class was well represented, with Miyamoto sensei, myself, Shinsaka san and Ookubo san amongst others competing and managing to medal – in Ookubo san’s case, picking up gold in the white belt open class category – nice work sir! The story of my competition was failure to regain guard after having it passed – twice!? Definitely  lot more work to do before the next competition on the 21st April!

Shinsaka san(L) Shy guy and myself (R)

Shinsaka san(L) Shy guy and myself (R)


All Japan Rookie Open: Nerima, Japan #BJJ #JiuJitsu #Tokyo .fb

February 20, 2012

The All Japan “Zen-Nihon Shin-Jin Sen-Shu Tai-Kai” Rookie Open was held yesterday at a sports centre in Nerima, Tokyo Japan. It might have been labeled as a beginners tournament but being honest,  there were a lot of high level fighters of all levels competing – there was also a pretty good turn out with some pretty high level fights taking place!

Tokyo in February can only be described as C-O-L-D! The sports centre was as usual clean and well prepped for a tournament, but god was it freezing! Fighters took to warming up in tracksuits under their gis, and waiting for their fights in down jackets and hoodies – I for one am really looking forward to the competition next month in March – for one thing, it’ll be a little warmer!

Cold - frickin cold!

The Triforce boys seemed to do a lot better in the open weight categories, with Ryosei, Shiratsuki san and amongst others myself managing to medal.

Shiratsuki san, myself & Ryosei

There are lots of competitions coming up, with the Dumau cup(?) next week, and the Kantou and Master and Senior tournaments being held in March. Good luck to those who have already decided to enter!

Freshmans tourney – Jan 28th #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Grappling .#fb

January 30, 2012

Winners row

Congrats to all the guys who entered the Freshmans tournament over the weekend – it was quite a low key affair with not so many participants, but the level was good and there were lots of decent fights. Triforce guys were pretty well represented with a few guys picking up some medals.

Medal haul!

Saito san had an excellent tournament, medalling in both the gi and no-gi tournaments – I believe as well that his first fight was fight number 1 of the day, with the last fight (53??) being the last – he certainly put a decent day’s work in there!

Suzuki san - shuns the fame!

Big congrats also to Ikebukuro morning class’ Suzuki san. In his first competition in over two years he entered both the master absolute and his weight division and medalled with some decent wins by heel hook – watch out for it in class!

Cameron V Miguel sensei #BJJ #ChallengeMatch #Grappling

October 13, 2011

Cameron & Miguel sensei going at it - Hayakawa sensei officiating

We were treated to a Jiu Jitsu treat at the end of regular class on Tuesday night – after training Hayakawa sensei asked (told?!) Cameron and Miguel sensei to have a challenge match. Having such a fight at the end of class is tough enough with the added stress of people watching – but after a full 80 minutes of training / sparring, it’s doubly so!

The fight that Cam and Miguel sensei put on was a cracker, with Miguel sensei pipping Cam by one point – I’m not sure what the final score was, but it was something like 8-7 or 7-6 – needless to say, points were being scored all over the place, which made for an enjoyable time for the guys watching from the sides 🙂