English class: Fri 20th

August 25, 2010

Here are the notes from the English lesson on the 20th – happy studying!


Chastise –  children who act badly need to be chastised.

Treat – I try to treat all students equally.

Dull – Due to the heat and lack of sleep I feel dull – I can’t think clearly.

Rear – I am trying to rear my child to be a good person.

Cause – The cause of my injury is overtraining, I think.

Stagnant – I don’t feel I am really improving, I feel stagnant at the moment.

Atrophy – I spent years doing nothing but eating and watching movies – my muscles definitely have atrophy.


‘Let me jump in here……’

‘I’m gonna jump in here…..’

‘My skills got better in tandem with the number of hours I spent at the gym’.


English class – last week’s notes!

August 15, 2010

Sorry for the delay with the notes, excuses excuses! Without further ado, here they are: –


“I can hang with people my own weight in sparring” – to be able to compete with, do similar as

“In the semi final my opponent ran over me” – to be convincingly beaten.

“Only if you push me, I guess Hans will win this fight” – a weak opinion, not sure, low possibility.

Without a doubt, if you live here for a long time you should learn Japanese!” – a strong opinion

“On the breadline” – to not have much money, low income


“Acclimatise” – to get used to a situation over time: “I’ve not yet acclimatised to Japanese summers”.

English class – July 28th

July 30, 2010


Bad press: to have a bad reputation – “Hatoyama san  had some bad press due to the Okinawa situation”.

Appetite: the feeling that I want to eat – “I don’t have a large appitite in the summer due to the heat”.

Constant: Something moves at the same pace- no change – “Sawada san’s training pace is fairly constant”.

Burn out: to do too much, too quickly, leading to low motivation / injury – “He burned out from working too much overtime”.

Passionate about: to have an emotional desire to do – “I am passionate about developing this academy”.

Drift apart: To gradually have space between you and something – “Over time he gradually drifted apart from jiu jitsu”.

Vein: blood carrying tube in body: “Blood is taken from the arm by a vein”.

Fainted: to lose consciousness – “After training hard in the summer heat he fainted”.

English class! July 14th

July 14, 2010

Sorry for the delay in writing this post- I just recently got Hikari Fiber installed at my house after moving- rest assured posts will be (as close as possible) up to date in future. In other news, 80 people checked out the blog yesterday – many thanks!


My go to___: a thing, item that you are most comfortable with. “When sparring the triangle choke is my go to move”.

Watch out for___: to make sure you experience something, be careful. “When in Tokyo you should watch out for any festivals”.


Expressive – to give out lots of information, bright, including – “Tanning man is a very expressive fighter”.

Cagey –  too safe, to try and not make mistakes – “Japan were too cagey in their final world cup game”.

Apparently – it seems, perhaps – “Apparently Noel will train tomorrow”.

Durable – not easy to break  -“The iPhone is not very durable”.

Tenured – To have respect through experience – “Hans was a tenured instructor at Nova, having worked there for 5 years”.

Arcade – Video game room – “Lets go to the arcade on Saturday”.

English class! June 24th

June 25, 2010

Shibamoto san joined us again after a week off due to the world championships in The USA – I was glad to hear that he had some chances to speak English there!


I’m torn between – a difficult decision: ‘I am torn between going to either Hawaii or Okinawa for my summer holiday’s – both places are amazing’.

If you___ you have to___: If you start training JiuJitsu, you have to be dedicated and train at least twice a week.

What springs to mind about: your idea, your viewpoint: ‘tell me, what springs to mind about Triforce Shinjuku?

Scraped by: to just pass, no room, tight: ‘I feel that due to being unhealthy I am just scraping by in JiuJitsu class’.


Broad minded / Narrow minded: ‘My grandmother is quite narrow minded about certain things’.

Vertebra – a bone in the neck: ‘Damaging vertebra is very dangerous’.

Nutritious – healthy food, food which is good for you: ‘Mac is not nutritious so you should avoid it.

English class – June 2

June 3, 2010

Good morning! Here are some of the notes & key words from our weekly English class – good luck with your studying!


  • Knowing___like I do, probably____. “Knowing Kyoto like I do, it will probably be busy with tourists in the summer”.
  • Hot and cold. “I’m hot and cold with study, I can’t seem to keep my motivation.
  • However much you like. “You can eat however much you like at this restaurant, the price is all Y1,000”.
  • Stem from – “Hatoyama’s problems stem from not being able to keep his promises”.


  • Strategic – Okinawa is a strategic location for the American army.
  • Outlay – The outlay in moving to my new apartment was 500,000yen
  • Court – The court will decide on this problem
  • Superficial – The meeting was superficial, there was nothing decided in reality.
  • Empathize – I had a similar injury to him in the past, so I empathize with him now.
  • Shady – We are not sure where he got the money from, it seems shady.
  • Comfortable (describing wealth) – We are by no means rich, but we are comfortable.

English class – May 27th

May 27, 2010

We missed Shimyo sensei today because he is sick – get well soon! Here are some of the notes from class which you can use to catch up – good luck!


  1. A looks a lot like B, but in fact…… Meaning: two things look similar, but if you look closely, you can find differences – “Noel’s Jiu Jitsu looks a lot like Dan’s Jiu Jitsu, but in fact Noel uses more combinations……”.
  2. X have / has _____ in common with____ Meaning: have a similar value, interest – “I have riding scooters in common with Shimyo sensei”.
  3. Quality time. Meaning: to spend time doing a worthwhile activity – “We spend quality time every Thursday in the competition class”.
  4. To combat. Meaning: to fight against, to fix, to protect, to stop – “you should wear a mask to combat hay fever (花粉症)
  5. Based in. Meaning: be in a place for work – “I live in Itabashi but I am based in Ikebukuro, where my academy is”.


  1. Hoist – “To do this sweep right, first you need to hoist your opponents leg towards his chest…..”.
  2. Describe – “Please describe your feeling about competing in America”.
  3. Addicted – “My father is addicted to cigarettes”.
  4. Distracted – I can’t concentrate well on class because I am distracted by thinking about the competition in America.
  5. Term – “Omoplata and Triangle choke are both Jiu Jitsu terms”.

Shibamoto sensei will miss next week’s class as he will leave for the USA to compete – good luck!