Triforce English blog: 8/12/13 #BJJ #Jiujitsu #Tokyo #Japan

August 12, 2013
Miyanishi san sporting the new blue Triforce Alma Gi

Miyanishi san sporting the new blue Triforce Alma Gi

The 2013 Triforce Alma gi is now in! The company behind the design of the gi is Osaka’s Alma. The common consensus from the guys that have bought one is that they’ve really done a good job – the cut and fit are great and both the jacket and pants are really durable and lightweight. I think up to now the blue one has proved to be the most popular, although for me the white one looks the coolest. Please see the staff at Triforce if you’re interested in picking one up!


#UFC Japan

January 17, 2013
5 tickets for the cheap section

5 tickets for the cheap seats

I’m chuffed that the UFC is coming back to Japan. The card last year in the Saitama Super Arena was great and even though we could have done a better job of organizing tickets to go up and watch the event as a team (we ended up sitting nowhere near each other,) quite a few of the Triforce boys bought tickets, with us all meeting up afterwards for a few drinks – the fights were pretty good too!

The Triforce boys having a few beers after the show

The Triforce boys having a few beers after the show

Big thanks to Mike for working overtime to get 10 tickets. With the interest being what it is, we needed to apply through the lottery system in order to see if we could get first dibs on the ticket sales – after a few anxious days Mike got the call telling us that we were good to go – result! Now it’s over to the fighters – here’s hoping the UFC injury bug doesn’t strike….

Congratulations, Yusuke & Hitomi!

October 22, 2012

It was a very happy day yesterday as Yusuke, Triforce’s General Manager and all round good guy tied the knot with his girlfriend, Hitomi. The day was fantastic and testament to Yusuke being an all round stand up guy, close to 200 people either went to the ceremony or attended the after party. I was lucky enough to attend both and was pleased to celebrate the day with them – I’m sure all at Triforce wish them nothing but the very best for their future!

Belt ceremony – congrats all! #BJJ #Triforce

August 4, 2012

Today was the second belt ceremony of the year (or was it the third?!) We all got together at the dojo and after the beginner class at 2pm Hayakawa sensei brought us all together in order to deliver the promotions. A lot of guys turned up to celebrate the big day!

Big numbers at the dojo today

Big numbers at the dojo today

Quite a few guys got promoted to blue belt, three of us got our purple belts, and Ebizo san was promoted to the lofty heights of brown belt after 8 years of training – as he said, being a full time salaryman will do that to you… 😦

Ebizo san receives his brown belt

Ebizo san receives his brown belt

After the belts were handed out we got on with some sparring, although with something like 40-50 guys ready to roll, there was a lot of waiting time – I got three fights in before I called it quits in favor of getting a shower.

From 6pm we moved to the 8th floor of the Lumine building where we had beers and food waiting for us – get in! I kind of missed the majority of the food though due to chatting with the chaps – made up for it with beer though 🙂

Beers....lots of beer

Beers….lots of beer

The craziness continues tomorrow with some of us driving up to Minakami, Gunma Ken to do some bungee jumping off a 52 meter high bridge – if we get through it I’ll be sure to make a blog entry!




Hi from Denmark & congrats! #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Jiujitsu

April 17, 2012

If I have work following morning jiujitsu, I usually skip the warm up and just attend from the sparring portion of class – it:s pretty tough to work until 10:30 PM so I need all the sleep I can get beforehand! As I was making my way to Triforce yesterday I received a tongue-in-cheek twitter mail from Ookubo san; “Daniel! A guy from Denmark has arrived and we’re struggling to communicate”! You’d think  that with all the foreign guys coming and going English communication would be no problem by now 🙂

John from Denmark - center

John from Denmark - center

Class today focused on sweeps from the butterfly guard – I was partnered up with John (go figure) as we worked through the three sweep variations – as a black belt John was all over these techniques and gave me some decent pointers on how to set up the sweeps better and to anticipate possible defensive outs that the opponent might take – thanks for the useful tips!



Finally, congrats to all the guys who gained their new belts over the weekend! Unfortunately, due to work I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony – hopefully I’ll be able to attend the next one! Once again, big congratulations!

Congrats Shinsaka san!

Congrats Shinsaka san!

Shinsaka san picked up his purple belt after class yesterday morning as he too was unable to attend the belt ceremony over the weekend – congratulations!


UFC 144: Japan #BJJ #Tokyo #Triforce #UFC #Grappling .fb

February 27, 2012

Quite a few of the guys took a break from Jiu-Jitsu this Sunday as the UFC came to town – if you’re going to miss a day’s training, then missing it to go and watch the fights looks to be acceptable – 15 + Triforce guys ended up with tickets!

Sell out: meaning we had to wait in the cold before getting in - wasn't like this when we came to see Dynamite 2010 - we were straight in!

I guess we need to do a better job of communicating with each other just who wants to go the next time the UFC comes to Japan – we all ended up sitting apart from each other for the most part – I could have done with some extra support to drown out the some of the noise coming from the 8 or so extremely loud Ozzies sitting behind me….

The Octagon from the Y10,000 priced seats - couldn't justify the Y35,000 for the next expensive tickets - not a bad view though

The Octagon from the Y10,000 priced seats - couldn't justify the Y35,000 for the next expensive tickets - not a bad view though

The card was stacked and the fighters really delivered – we had submissions on the prelims, the first fight on the main card ended up being a knockout, and the championship fight was a 5 round war, with Frankie Edgar again putting his face first when trying to come up with the win (How many breaks can his nose take anyway??) The most enjoyable fight of the night for me however was Hatsu Hioki V Bart Palaszewski. After seeing Hioki have a luke warm debut a few months ago, I thought he would be in for a hard time against Bart, but he did everything but finish him – it was really enjoyable to see his deep ground game on show.

Hioki eventually transitioning to an arm bar - looked painful!

Hioki eventually transitioning to an arm bar - looked painful!

The fights finished 3pm ish Tokyo time, which meant the big rush back to the train and to Ikebukuro was on. Phone calls were made and mails sent, meaning  we all managed to meet up in an Ikebukuro bar – all without having to wait for trains – job well done!

I'm guessing tomorrow morning's Jiu-Jitsu class will be light on numbers...

Congratulations, Koichi & Satoko san!

October 23, 2011

The wedding of Nomura, A.K.A Tanning Man was held today in Minami Aoyama. I was lucky enough to receive an invite and was happy to go and celebrate with some of the other Triforce guys. A beautiful time was had by all!

Nomura san and his new wife, Satoko

After the ceremony and dinner were finished we were treated to a jiujitsu demonstration from Nomura san and Shimyo sensei – this was actually a pretty good idea as a good number of the guests were pretty clueless as to just what BJJ is – the MC for the day actually gave a small explanation to the attendees during dinner in order to help people understand just what BJJ is all about 😉

Nomura san & Shimyo sensei

Nomura san and Satoko will head off on their honeymoon in Hawaii – I’m wondering how many KGs heavier Tanning man will come back as?