Triforce #BJJ English Blog Update 11/24/13

November 25, 2013

With the 25th being a holiday for TF lots of guys turned up for both beginner and regular classes on the 24th.

Also in town for a week or so from The States is Daiki San who received his black belt from Hayakawa sensei- very well deserved too!



Asian Open 2013 – open mat 24th / 25th

October 21, 2013

Due to the Asian Open BJJ tournament which will be held on the 26th (Sat) and 27th(Sun) of October there will be a revised open mat schedule for the 24th(Thurs) and 25th (Fri)
visitors and people from overseas are welcome to come and join for a fee of Y500. We look forward to welcoming new friends to Tokyo and Triforce!

Gi problems…. #BJJ

December 8, 2012
Takayama san wearing a rental gi....

Takayama san wearing a rental gi….

It happens more often than you think. Training for a small part of the day, maybe 2 hours or so, then having to cart the gi around with you to work, or wherever…. There was a guy who used to train with us a few years ago who worked near Tokyo station. At least once every couple of months or so he would finish up training, get on the train, throw his gi on the rack only to get off at his station, leaving his gi on the train. Once realizing he’d lost his kit somewhere he’d start the great debate with himself, trying to figure out where he left it…..

Which is what kinda happened to Takayama san on Friday…. the guys having to brainstorm just where he might of left his gi top… The train and a few bars were discussed as possibilities before doing some serious investigation, which culminated in the checking of the lost property box (nope) and the dirty gi pile (nope)….  

I’m hoping Takayama san is able to find his kit soon – I’m putting my money on it being in the washing machine! 

Bye Bye Sun san! #BJJ #Triforce #Jiujitsu

November 26, 2012



Sun san’s off again. After a month or two at Triforce Tokyo, where he medaled in a competition, picked up his brown belt from Hayakawa sensei and got involved in some heavy duty training  he’s today heading back to Korea to open his own dojo somewhere south of Seoul. It’s nice to think that there’s another place a short plane ride away which will allow me to not only to have a holiday but to also do a bit of training – with that, wishing you all the success in the world mate! 


August 3, 2012

Testing 1,2,3

July 14, 2012

Please also check out Ryosei’s blog here 😉

Living BJJ

Bruno Frazzatto seminar

Last year I was one of those guys who ignored the signs their body was giving them  and was constantly over trained resulting in numerous injuries throughout the year, unfortunately one of the injuries I received was the day before the Frazzatto seminar.I was gutted to say the least. If I could have walked a would have at least gone to watch the seminar. Fast forward a year and Bruno Frazzatto announced a seminar at Tri Force Shinjuku, I jumped on the chance and for only 5,000 yen, what a bargain!.

Bruno has a professional and friendly approach to his seminar.Upon arriving at the club he  greeted everyone on the mat before we lined up and began. Even with the language barrier you could clearly tell he was genuinely interested in the students gaining as much as possible from the limited time. Not only did he specifically request at…

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Shark Tank! #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Jiujitsu

March 7, 2012


Thank god it’s started to get a little warmer recently – it looks like the days of freezing temperatures and icy roads are a thing of the past, at least for another year! With the slightly sunnier weather big numbers turned up to Triforce’s morning class today, with a lot of high level guys – definitely no places to hide during the sparring session. 

Shimyo sensei is down with influenza – hope he gets well soon! The B strain of the virus is (apparently, I’ve only been down with a heavy cold so far this winter, touch wood) doing the rounds at the moment and is picking up victims left right and centre – please take care of yourselves and invest in some alcohol hand sanitizer – you won’t regret it!