Triforce English Blog Update: 4/9/14 #BJJ #Tokyo #Triforce

April 9, 2014
Making the most use out of the floor to ceiling mirrors

Making the most use out of the floor to ceiling mirrors

Nothing lasts forever. With the start of 2014 and a change to my working conditions I’m no longer able to hit the morning class beginning 10:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays too often. I’m instead now working from a little earlier and hitting the graveyard (well, 9pm start anyway) regular class.

The rest of the guys were pretty genki and eager to get stuck into class but after working from 9am it took me a while to get into it – think it might take a bit of time to get used to this new schedule! There are two regular classes on Tuesday and Thursday, with a lot of the guys looking to attend the 6:30pm class rather than the 9pm in order to get home a little earlier – I’m hoping that there will be a migration over to the 9pm class over time in order to bump up the numbers!



Triforce #BJJ English Blog Update: 12/4/13

December 4, 2013
Hayakawa sensei demonstrating a pass from his opponent's inverted guard

Hayakawa sensei demonstrating a pass from his opponent’s inverted guard

Horses for courses. Some guys focus on the basics and from that develop a strong, solid game. Other guys look to build on the technical aspect of BJJ, using high guards, X guards and amongst other things, today’s technique: the Inverted Guard. We looked at firstly passing the inverted guard, then secondly from inverted guard reversing the opponent’s attempted pass to finish in a knee on / side control position.

The first thing to say about the inverted guard is that it’s not for everyone (aka me – I could do with being a little shorter and a bit more flexible ;)), however my partner today was Takao san who is a little more compact than me and who could work the guard well. The pass itself is a solid pass. From the opponent’s inverted guard you control his right leg (as you look him) then grab his belt with your left hand. The second step is to roll over his hips and into the position Hayakawa sensei demonstrates in the pic above. The key though is as your rolling to slot your right foot under his left foot, creating a hook. From the resulting position you can control his lapel and move into side control.

Not a basic technique by any stretch of the imagination, but useful when sparring against some of the more technical, compact fighters at TF.

Triforce #BJJ English blog update 10/04/13

October 4, 2013


We welcomed Luke back to Triforce today! He’s in town for the next three weeks but unfortunately will miss the Asian Open – still, 3 weeks solid training without having to bother about work sounds pretty good!

Luke said he’s determined to see more of Tokyo this time around – please let him know of any fun things to do over the next three weeks. I myself recommend the Sword museum in Mejiro 🙂

TF English blog update: 8/5/13 #BJJ #Tokyo #Jiujitsu

August 5, 2013

With Triforce Ikebukuro closed for a summer break (a break being 4 days only) some of the Ikebukuro boys went down to Shinjuku to attend class. The Shinjuku studio is a great space;  it has a long mat, which is great for drilling technique and sparring without bumping into other guys.

Lots of mat space at Shinjuku TF

Lots of mat space at Shinjuku TF

Today’s class was all about half guard sweeps, some pretty novel ones at that. Shibamoto sensei showed us a sweep where from a shallow half guard he moved his left hand to control his opponent’s left wrist, then with his right hand he pushed his opponent’s knee away, breaking his balance. From there he elevated his opponent onto both of his knees before sweeping him over his shoulders, himself flipping over and finishing in his opponent’s half guard – as I was practicing it I thought it could fit well into my game – but god if it isn’t really painful on your neck if you mess the roll up!


Shibamoto sensei looking like he's going to hit another half guard sweep

Sawada & Sakamoto sans 



Triforce English Blog update #BJJ

June 26, 2013

We had a full house today at Triforce! Wednesdays are more or less
the busiest of the weekday morning classes and despite the heavy
rain which is still falling now, big numbers turned up.

Today’s class was led by Itoigawa sensei, but Hayakawa sensei
joined in in order to teach the technique portion of the class. Today
we worked on defending the Kimura lock and guillotine choke from the
full guard. Once the guys had a few rounds of working through this
pattern we moved to defending the Omoplata / triangle combinations.

I was particularly interested in getting the defense of the guillotine
choke right – it seemed to me that the key is to reach over your
opponents shoulder, grab some of his gi from between his shoulder
blades. From there it’s a case of posturing up and as close as possible
pushing your shoulder into the throat of the guy working the guillotine.
The defense definitely worked – if you can manage to reach over and
grab his gi before he sits back and cranks it on!

We also welcomed Josh to Triforce today. Josh is traveling through
Asia before returning back to London. He’ll be here for two or three
more days before flying out – look out for him and say hi!

TF #BJJ English blog update: 3/18/13

March 18, 2013

The All Japan Master & Senior BJJ competition was held yesterday (Sunday) at the Komazawa Daigaku Olympic Stadium, near Shibuya, Japan – The JBJJF uses a lot of different venues throughout the year, but I think the Olympic Stadium is the best place for both fighters and spectators – nice seating high up and lots of space for five or six mats. Unfortunately from next month or so the local authority will renovate the Olympic Stadium, meaning it will be out of commission for a year or so – I wonder which place will be used instead….?

Komazawa Daigaku Olympic Stadium

Komazawa Daigaku Olympic Stadium

Congrats to all the guys who competed and who picked up medals! A good number of the Triforce fraternity medalled and amongst other matches, the final of the Purple Belt Master category was contested by two Triforce fighters, Masashi and Shirtatsuki san, both from Triforce Ikebukuro – congrats to Masashi for picking up the win by arm bar!

Masashi (centre) picking up the team award

Masashi (centre) picking up the team award

Today it was back to the grind for morning Jiu Jitsu – I was very surprised to see a lot of guys turned up, particularly after the celebratory beers the night before! Itoigakwa sensei decided to take us through some Spider Guard work as Koiwa san had some trouble passing his opponents guard in his fight yesterday.

Itoigawa sensei’s technique is pretty effective – instead of trying to wrap your hand back around to the inside of the guys leg (breaking his grip; “it works great in the textbook…but!”) taking a step  back, crouching and then knocking his foot out of your inner elbow with your knee, then grabbing his ankle before simply stepping around to side control works a treat – definitely one to remember!

Tough training the morning after....

Tough training the morning after….

Tune up #BJJ

February 8, 2013

I arrived at Triforce a little early this morning to find Ookubo San and Hayakawa sensei working through some pretty technical back grab techniques. I think Ookubo San’s taking some private classes on top of his regular training in order to tune up for the Master and Senior BJJ competition on 17th March – with all the work he’s putting in he should be a sound bet for a medal!

We also welcomed Stefan to TF, all the way from Germany by way of Shanghai where he’s currently working – Stefan’s only in town for a week, but is aiming to train daily – should see him on the mat tomorrow then!