Triforce English Blog update 7/2/14 #BJJ #Tokyo #Triforce

July 1, 2014

As I’m up at 6am for the second half of the Belgium V USA World Cup game so I thought what better way to spend half time than to update the English blog!

Yesterday night’s regular class was a lot of fun – Hayakawa sensei is still in Korea I believe so class was down to Shimyo sensei who showed us some sweeps revolving around the double ankle sweep – as usual pretty useful stuff! The success of these sweeps came down to minimising the space between you and your opponent; easier said than done when the guy has control of both your ankles! Practice makes perfect though I guess 🙂

Reversing the ankle sweep

Reversing the ankle sweep

I’ll be going to class this morning too at 10:30 despite the early start with the football – hope I’ll be able to keep my eyes open!


Triforce English Blog Update: 4/9/14 #BJJ #Tokyo #Triforce

April 9, 2014
Making the most use out of the floor to ceiling mirrors

Making the most use out of the floor to ceiling mirrors

Nothing lasts forever. With the start of 2014 and a change to my working conditions I’m no longer able to hit the morning class beginning 10:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays too often. I’m instead now working from a little earlier and hitting the graveyard (well, 9pm start anyway) regular class.

The rest of the guys were pretty genki and eager to get stuck into class but after working from 9am it took me a while to get into it – think it might take a bit of time to get used to this new schedule! There are two regular classes on Tuesday and Thursday, with a lot of the guys looking to attend the 6:30pm class rather than the 9pm in order to get home a little earlier – I’m hoping that there will be a migration over to the 9pm class over time in order to bump up the numbers!


Triforce #BJJ English Blog Update: 12/4/13

December 4, 2013
Hayakawa sensei demonstrating a pass from his opponent's inverted guard

Hayakawa sensei demonstrating a pass from his opponent’s inverted guard

Horses for courses. Some guys focus on the basics and from that develop a strong, solid game. Other guys look to build on the technical aspect of BJJ, using high guards, X guards and amongst other things, today’s technique: the Inverted Guard. We looked at firstly passing the inverted guard, then secondly from inverted guard reversing the opponent’s attempted pass to finish in a knee on / side control position.

The first thing to say about the inverted guard is that it’s not for everyone (aka me – I could do with being a little shorter and a bit more flexible ;)), however my partner today was Takao san who is a little more compact than me and who could work the guard well. The pass itself is a solid pass. From the opponent’s inverted guard you control his right leg (as you look him) then grab his belt with your left hand. The second step is to roll over his hips and into the position Hayakawa sensei demonstrates in the pic above. The key though is as your rolling to slot your right foot under his left foot, creating a hook. From the resulting position you can control his lapel and move into side control.

Not a basic technique by any stretch of the imagination, but useful when sparring against some of the more technical, compact fighters at TF.

Triforce #BJJ English blog update: 11/1/13

November 1, 2013
Hayakawa sensei teaching some knee trap sweeps

Hayakawa sensei teaching some knee trap sweeps

Welcome to November! I can’t believe that with another two months we’ll be saying goodbye to 2013 – this year certainly has flown by…. still, with the summer firmly over and the cooler weather upon us, training at Triforce is a lot easier – particularly if you’re a salaryman who needs to wear a suit to work after training 🙂

Today’s class focused on quick sweeps from the closed guard as your opponent stands. The basics of the technique centre around pinching the opponent’s knees, robbing him of stability before manipulating his sleeves for the sweep.  Hayakawa sensei showed us three variations of the sweep, of which the second one worked for me the best – should your opponent have a strong base, its possible to sit up, in turn hugging his knees before pushing off to the side for a takedown – this one works well for me because of my long legs – I hope I’m able to remember it for the future.


Triforce #BJJ English blog update 10/04/13

October 4, 2013


We welcomed Luke back to Triforce today! He’s in town for the next three weeks but unfortunately will miss the Asian Open – still, 3 weeks solid training without having to bother about work sounds pretty good!

Luke said he’s determined to see more of Tokyo this time around – please let him know of any fun things to do over the next three weeks. I myself recommend the Sword museum in Mejiro 🙂

Triforce English blog update: 8/31/13 #BJJ #Jiujitsu #Tokyo #Japan

August 31, 2013
Mitch & Miyamoto sensei

Mitch & Miyamoto sensei

We said goodbye to Scott on Wednesday and welcomed Mitch to Triforce yesterday – we’re seeing quite a number of visitors to the academy recently! Mitch will train with us for a month (maybe longer) and plans to be in Japan for a year before returning home to the US. Good luck with beginning your job training on Monday and see you at the academy soon Mitch 🙂



Triforce English blog update: 8/23/13 #BJJ #Jiujitsu #Tokyo #Japan

August 23, 2013
Masahiko Kimura drops by

Masahiko Kimura drops by

There’s no denying it – Kenta san is looking more and more like Kimura Masahiko by the day! All he needs to do now is to begin working on his Ude Garamis and his Kimura locks to make the transformation complete!