Shinjuku triforce

December 30, 2010

Shibamoto & the Shinjuku team

As Ikebukuro has closed for the new year, I decided to head down to the Shinjuku academy as they are open for an extra two days (last day being today actually – can I get there again??)

Despite it being the 29th and definite drinking season, a fair few guys turned up for training! One major difference between Ikebukuro and Shinjuku? Mat space- the training area is long, almost oblong is shape – which makes the warm ups that little bit tougher!


Bad trains

December 27, 2010

We all thought we might have to do our last morning schedule out in the cold – 10:15am came and went with the shutters still locked – rumors abounded about late drinking sessions due to the Triforce end of year party held the night before- in the end though, it was nothing more than a delayed Yamanote line which put Miyamoto sensei back a few minutes – sure was nice to see him sprinting down the road to open up!

What u havin’?

December 22, 2010

Here’s Fukuda San partaking in his post training tipple- perhaps the pinkest drink I’ve ever seen!!

Triforce Challenge

December 20, 2010

Team Ikebukuro

Great work to all the fighters at the Triforce Challenge! Ikebukuro fighters gave a good account of themselves, with some excellent performances – we even managed to bag the MVP award. This inter team competition is an excellent way to gear up for bigger competitions – I definitely think that some of the guys are ready to enter competitions now and they can have confidence doing so. You can find movies of all the fights here, courtesy of Roger Ver over in Aoyama – cheers Roger!

Nomura san (right)

Taiki Yamamoto

December 17, 2010

Taiki touches down in Tokyo again 😉


50 minutes sparring session

Thanks to Taiki for dropping by and training with us Friday morning – looking forward to you coming back from the states soon!

With the Triforce Challenge just 2 days away on Sunday, I was happy to get some good sparring completed – hope for a good performance come Sunday!

Shimyo sensei takes class!

December 13, 2010

Shimyo sensei demonstrating a useful arm lock

Morning class today was headed up by Shimyo sensei, because Hayakawa sensei is away in Korea meeting with Oh-Tae and Sun sans (hoping those boys come back soon!)

Even though the weather was decidedly terrible, 8 or so guys braved the elements and came down to train – Sawada kun and myself will enter the Tri-Force challenge this Sunday so I for one was happy for the turn out- it allowed us to get some good sparring in!

I’m was excited to see the 2011 Triforce kimono design – made by Alma, it looks a really cool piece of kit -I ordered mine in black and I’m looking forward to using it – maybe I’ll keep it just for competitions though, not sure yet …..


The new Alma kimono - got yours yet??

Talking of competitions, I got warned in the Tokyo international about the length of my kimono pants – the adjudicator thought they were a little short, but as I’m tall, he gave me a pass – can’t believe they have shrunk so much – I’ve gone for the A4 with the Alma – hopefully over time it will shrink to fit me perfectly 🙂

Heavy hitters

December 9, 2010

Hayakawa sensei & Nomura san sparring

Yesterday’s 19:30 regular class was attended by Nomura san, (recently promoted to brown belt) Ito ‘Ebisou’ san (Purple belt) and a rack of top end blue belts which made for a really demanding session!

We skipped the usual warm up in favor of some Judo / take down repetition / drilling – it was nice to begin the class in a different way 🙂 I wonder what happens in various BJJ clubs…. same stuff or completely different?